Moments of Magic Travel Planner Cincinnati ~ Kristen Damico

Kristen, our Cincinnati, Ohio and Kentucky based travel concierge specializing in Disney Destination Vacations, can book any Disney Destination for her clients.  A wife and mother to a daughter, Addison. She has enjoyed watching her  daughter and husband, Tony, become Disney fanatics! Family

When Tony and Kristen first met, he didn’t know very much about the awesomeness of the Disney World. It has been one of the greatest things watching him and Addison become Disney fans. In some sort of fashion, be it conversation, the TV, or Addison playing with toys, Disney is part of their daily lives.

Kristen enjoys sharing her knowledge of the parks with people planning their trips to Disney. “I get very excited when people want to talk Disney.”

MulanKristen hopes to help you plan your magical trip to Disney.

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