Moments of Magic Travel Planner Phoenix ~ Nyk Berry

Nyk, our Arizona based travel concierge specializing in Disney Destination Vacations, can book any Disney Destination for her clients. Nyk also is a Group Fitness instructor and Personal Trainer in the Prescott, Arizona area.DSC00091 (1)

Growing up on the East Coast she DREAMED of going to Walt Disney World with her family. That opportunity finally came when she was in middle school. Nyk was SO excited to go meet the characters and ride the rides, little did she know how it would take her out of Florida and put her smack dab in the middle of the movies she had been watching her whole childhood.

Since that first trip, her love of Disney grew and grew. She loves telling the story of how a grown man who is gruff and serious in his everyday life, can walk into WDW and change. That man is her own father! When he walks into the Magic Kingdom he is a changed man. He has an uncontrollable smile, he’s laughing and enjoying EVERYTHING. There is no other way to describe the magic of Disney.

MK_ROVERMAINSTREET_7318636230It is this enthusiasm Nyk has grown up with towards Disney in combination with her love for helping people achieve their goals, that she brings to building Dream Vacations for her clients.

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