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Disneyland Paris Half Marathon 2016

By Moments of Magic Travel Owner/Agent- Leslie Dispensa-Perlman

I’m not sure that I have ever been any more excited about a runDisney race until recently! At the 2015 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend big news was announced for runDisney lovers- they are taking the races to PARIS! That’s right- in September 2016 we will lace up our running shoes just outside the city of lights as we run the inaugural 2016 Disneyland Paris Half Marathon!

After the initial shock and excitement about this race wore off, we have stayed glued to our computer screens. The final dates of September 23-25 have now been set for the race and- to make it even more amazing- they announced a continent to continent medal!!!!! That’s right- if you run both a US based runDisney half marathon (California or Walt Disney World) in 2016 along with the Disneyland Paris Inaugural Half Marathon in 2016 you will be eligible for the Castle to Château Coast Race Challenge!! How amazing is that! The first runDisney race in Disneyland Paris AND a continent to continent medal!


I have to say that we were really surprised they would go ahead with the added medal on the inaugural year. It was hoped for by many avid runDisney runners (including us), but several thought that it would not happen in year one for the Paris team. What a truly magical surprise! Our team at Moments of Magic Travel will be running several runDisney races in 2016- including the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend, the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend, the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend, the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Weekend, and Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend!

For several races we will also be offering special pre-registration packages that can include your guaranteed race registration, discounts on rooms, tickets and more! Stay tuned to our Race Packages page for full details or call us at 1-888-50 MOUSE.

If you are considering running the 2016 Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Weekend feel free to join our chat group to stay up-to-date on all f the latest news, tips, travel tips, and important information about running in France! For instance- did you know that per French law all runners will be required to present a certified medical waiver prior to the race? For info on this and more come be part of the chatter in the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon group! Join us as we prepare for this incredible journey and get ready to runDisney in PARIS!