Become an Agent With Moments of Magic Travel!

Are you a Disney® fan who is interested in turning your passion, knowledge and experience into a magical career opportunity? The Moments of Magic Travel Family Team is GROWING,
and we are looking for qualified candidates to join us!

If you have a passion for planning Disney destination vacations and a strong firsthand experience with one or more of the Disney® brands, we would like to hear from you! Our agents collectively form a close family-style bond and encourage one another to reach for the stars.

At Moments of Magic Travel we have high expectations for our brand, and for the agents who represent it. The path to becoming an agent with our company cannot be viewed as a ‘hobby’, but rather as an opportunity to create a lasting and professional career in the Travel Industry selling Disney® Destination Vacations. Applicants should note the following information before submitting their candidacy:

  • Agents of Moments of Magic Travel are IC’s (independent contractors) who set their own hours, schedule and who work from their home office
  • Agents are required to complete extensive on-line training on each of the Disney® brands, as well as the Moments of Magic Travel brand
  • Our basic technology requirements include a secure and private computer with high speed internet access, a fully equipped smart phone with email and internet access, as well as basic office supplies for planning and organization
  • All agents are responsible for cultivating their own business prospects- Moments of Magic Travel will provide guidance and training on this aspect of marketing your business and will help you continue to grow your client base in the years to come
  • Agents will need to have a dedicated workspace that is free from noise and distraction
  • All agents must have the following characteristics: Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Patience, Dedication, a passion for all things Disney, a professional work ethic, a consistent desire to succeed, Creativity, and an outgoing personality

If you would like to submit your information to us for review please complete our application form by clicking here.

*Important information- if we do not receive the required information in its entirety your application will not be evaluated. Due to the number of submissions we receive, we can only respond to prospective applicants who meet our qualifications.

Please note that while there are costs associated with becoming a licensed Moments of Magic Travel agent (business cards, etc.), we as an agency do not charge any additional fees over and above what you will need to secure basic licensing and agent identification as a member of our team!

We look forward to hearing from you and are here to help guide you as you turn your dream of becoming a member of our team into a reality!